Visas Culture


Georgians are proud of their national cuisine, and rightly so. There are many distinct dishes, with regional variations. Meat, pastries, dumplings, stews and vegetarian dishes are all represented, though fish features only lightly. Georgian food isn’t hot and spicy, but it is certainly flavorsome. Walnuts, pomegranates and garlic, cheese, beans, aborigine, spinach and plums are all used to devastating effect. In the summer, fresh coriander is used extensively, so this could cut down your options if you don’t like it. The soils of Georgia are very rich and the fresh fruit and vegetables they produce are flavor bombs. Sink your teeth into peaches or plums and the taste explodes. Oh, and the grapes…. One of the main reasons Georgian food is so good is because of these amazing ingredients, much of which is produced by small farmers and sold straight to you at the local fruit and veg market. Just buying some bread, tomatoes and fruit here will be a stunning eal. There are many restaurants specializing in Georgian foods in Tbilisi, they vary in quality, of course, but most are good. They wouldn’t last long if they weren’t as Georgians are discerning eaters when it comes to national cuisine. However, if you can, get yourself invited to eat at a Georgian home, that is where the really great food is cooked. You MUST try Georgian food. It is delicious and distinctive.