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Basic Facts & Figures

Population of Georgia is 4,469,200 , Tbilisi -1,225,000
Ethnic composition: Georgians 84%, Azerbaijanis 6.5%, Armenians 5.7%, Russians 1.5%, Ossetians 0.9%, others including Greeks, Ukrainians, Yezids - 1.4%.
Territory: 69,700 sq km
Borders: Black Sea 330km, The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range forms the 723 km northern border with Russia, Armenia 164km, Azerbaijan 322 km and Turkey 252 km.
Longest river: Mtkvari (Kura) 1515 km
Largest lake: Paravani 37.5 sq km
Highest point: Shkhara (Greater Caucasus ) 5,193 m (17,040 ft)
Local time: Georgia is in the UTC+4 time zone.
Electricity: Georgian supplies current of 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Sockets require two round pins.